How To Wear A Denim Jacket


This post has been sitting in my draft folder for some time now.  With the rain, clouds, and cold today I figure it's fitting.  The new spring skirts, dresses, and tops we've been stocking up on can't be put on hold.  Especially after the beautiful weekend we just had, wasn't losing the layers life changing!  The denim jacket has a knack for helping to  keep all those great seasonal pieces in rotation.  My favorite way to style it is to balance out, or neutralize an outfit that might have a lot of print or color to it.  I also turn to the denim jacket when I have a client in a loose dress or drapey knit and we need to add a little structure to the look, (and a blazer would be do dressy.)

With A Dress

With A Skirt

With Pants

Styling Notes

- Denim jackets are so versatile, they look great paired with dressy pieces or more casual outfits.
- Always cuff or roll the sleeve, this will give such a structured garment a softer and more feminine look and feel.
- Under layers can be left out or tucked in, if your top hangs longer than the jacket that's okay!
- The non-traditional denim wash is a great buy too, colored or white denim jackets give great style also.
- If you are looking for the traditional wash stay in the medium to dark wash.  A light wash, or one that is distressed, should only be added into your wardrobe in addition to a traditional denim jacket.

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