Mom's Make-Over...With Grace

Last night I had a great conversation with Jordana Green on WCCO Radio AM.  (If you're just jumping into this crazy space, I am the monthly resident fashion/style contributor on The Jordana Green Show.)  We talked about that awkward place where your mom needs a style pick me up, but you don't want to be the one to tell her!  How do you give a woman in your life the a gift that might send to wrong message?

1. Empowerment

Style is all about empowerment.  Do we as women feel as we are being our best selves, or are we settling for less than what we are worth?  Or worse, are we exhausting ourselves trying be and look like someone else?  The mission of Fashion Fix is to help women correct that wrong, and to give them the tools to feel empowered to be who they are in their best way.  Sometime all it takes is tuck here, a necklace here, great shoe there, etc...

Craft the message of your gift in way that says..."Mom I want to be empowered to be your best self this year!"

2. Confidence

Style can be used to give confidence.  Fashion Fix works a lot with women going through life change.  Women that are becoming empty nesters, making a career change, going through divorce, experiencing a mile stone birthday, and more.  Change can be positive or negative.  What ever it is, our style can help give us the confidence to achieve our goals.

Craft the message of your gift in a way that says... "Mom, I want you have time to be taken care of, instead of you taking care of everyone else!"

3. Smart

Style can be used to look and feel smart.  Think about it, we use that word in so many ways.  You've heard your self say before, "What a smart looking outfit."  Or, "She looks smart in that."  You may not be saying that someone actually looks like the have a high intelligence level, or they look like as if they went to Harvard. (Well, sometimes outfits do look like that, especially if they are wearing glasses.)  Fashion Fix works with women in their closet to find looks that help them covey the right message about who they are.  We are adult women.  Who are grown up and know how to dress our selves intentionally, our look should show that.  Fashion Fix's mission is to show women how respect them selves enough to wear something other than yoga pants everyday!

Craft the message of your gift in a way that says... Wait!  You might not need to send this message.  If you mom, sister, or girlfriend feels empowered, confident and smart in their style...  Well then leave them be!

Listen to the podcast from my talk Jordana!

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