Style Advice :: How to wear a skirt the right way!

I feel that with the title of this article in conjunction with the pictures, I really don't have to comment on much.  Those two things pretty much speak for themselves and you can see the problems you should be correcting when styling a skirt.  But.. I'm going to put my 2cents in anyways, lol!  

It's that time of the year, we are dusting off the spring skirts and shaving our legs :)  With every style consultation I am showing clients how to style and create multiple looks with this seasonal staple.  But before I get very far I am correcting the same style mistakes on almost every singe gal.  There are a few essential things you need to know when you are wearing a skirt this spring. 

If there is too much fabric there is not enough you!  It's important that we see shape and/or structure somewhere.  If you can look in the mirror and draw a rectangle over your image, there is a problem.  Shave off pounds my tucking in and belting your skirts.  This will draw the eye in and minimize fabric overload.

Find balance.  Maxi skirts have transcended from being a trend to being a staple in most women's wardrobes.  Even if you have a petite frame you can pull off this piece, you just need to find the balance.  If you are wearing a full skirt on the bottom, you have to wear a fitted top.  Full on top and full on bottom comes out to frump on top of frump.  And of course, tuck in in and belt.  Look how long the leg line becomes, giving height to this 5'4" frame!

Layer right.  Believe it or not skirts need structure.  It's back to that balance word again :)  When skirts are full and flowy they need to be balanced out with some structure and stability.  Try throwing on a denim jacket or chambray top.  I am also a big fan of waxed utility jackets or vest!  Oh, don't forget to tuck in and belt.

Pair the right top.  I see it often where clients try to go for the monochromatic look by pairing a dark skirt with a dark top.  I get it, and there might be some instances where that would work.  But when you do that, we start lose shape.  There needs to be definition to where your torso ends and your legs begin.  To keep it casual I recommend vintage vneck tees and tanks in white to wear with your skirts this spring.  Make sure you tuck in and belt, giving you a polished and finished look!

Tuck in that darn top!  I'm not even going to be cute with this one.  Look at how much more of the skirts pattern and style is revealed when the top is properly tucked.  There is also gained height, minimized waist, and added style!

Wear it where you're supposed to.  Over and over I see women tugging and pulling down their skirts to their hips.  This does a couple of things.  It makes your legs look shorter, your waist longer, and style frumpier.  Skirts are designed and cut to fit at your natural waist, so that the fit and flare of the garment compliment your shape not take away from it.  Hike those skirts up to the waist and you will get a much better fit and more flattering flare!  Tuck in and belt. [I had to!]

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