Style Catalog...Bling Around the Collar!

Day 3 of the Fashion Fix Style Catalog!  Well it could be day 4, but whose counting.  I landed safely this afternoon coming back from my adventure in NYC.  Don't worry pictures will be posted next week on the blog with my full commentary on all the fashion and shopping.

But for the time being let's chat about this fabulous blouse with all its jeweled glory.  As you are saying to your self right now "When would I ever wear that..." or "What would I wear that with..." I am giving you the answer!  Pieces like this stand out in a store and can be a stand out in your closet with help from a stylist.  What you need to do is just pair with more conservative layers and accessories.  Once you do that you'll be wearing it once a week!

This is the Tilda Rhinestone Top from the fab J.Crew, buy here!

No frills, just a great pair of flats.

Wear to work safe, a neutral jacket.

Wear to work fun, a bright jacket!

Wear it conservative, a navy cardigan.
If you want your closet styled email me at  lindsey@fashionfixmn.com

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