Fashionable Fixings...Day 4

This...a gift from me!  I am notorious for my eye being caught by other's fashion and style.  Then, trying to recreate it from my own closet.  Sometimes though you just need something new to complete the wardrobe.  I have been on the hunt for new brown boots for over a year now.  When I get in my head what I am looking for I won't settle, even if it takes forever to find it.  That's because I want to own it forever.

Last week at work a client came in wearing the boots that I was meant to have!  Of course I pounced on her to find out where she got them and how long ago she got them.  My fingers were crossed that she purchased them this season in hopes I would still be able to find them.  Just as luck would have it she had only gotten them a few weeks ago at DSW, it's as if it was a Christmas miracle!

I rushed home that night and dug deep through about 50 pages of boots on the DSW website only to find they were sold out of my size.  I didn't give up, these were the ones, we were meant to be together.  I could just feel it in my gut that we would have a long and happy life together!  An hour of Google searching later Piperlime was the matchmaker that finally brought us together.

A lady in the fashion of life doesn't give up on what she knows it is meant be...
Here they are, my new love.  The MIA Xara Riding boot...it's the seem on the top with the heightened cuff on the outside that stole my heart.
MIA Xara Riding Boot

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