Stuffed Stocking and Stuffed Tummies...

My holiday was nothing short of amazement.  This year I had a true joy for my family, close friends, and the memories we create together.  I was able to watch children open presents from Santa, adults get gifts from loved ones and me give to others what has been given to me...generosity.

This past year my mind and heart have been hyper aware of how others welcome me into their homes and provide a sense of belonging.  I would be no where near the place I am at in my life with out the relationships I have with those around me.

In the words of Cindy Lou Who "...no one should be alone on Christmas."

And btw, my family nickname is Lindsey Lou Who...

This next year my heart is pressed to pay that forward.  I have learned of too many stories in which some have lost those around them or never had them at all.  And trust me I have plenty of family to share!  My fortune has been given to me in a large loving family where stories, photos, memories, etc. are abundant.  Don't get me wrong... We have our times that belong in a quirky, feel good, seasonal, holiday movie about a dysfunctional family where their craziness can only make you laugh, it makes us laugh too!  However the company we provide can not be replaced and we are so much dang fun!

A lady in the fashion of life knows how to give what she receives.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Ya...that's my tree.  

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