SPARKLE!  We are continuing to grab, pull, and get together holiday outfits where we mimic some of our favorite ladies in the pages of magazines or Pinterest!  Here is one of my top accessories to whip out that can make the look complete.  A sequin purse like this makes it easy dress the rest of your self because you can keep it pretty simple.

Don't be discouraged when shopping for such a piece and can't find exactly what you are envisioning.  You can see this one here is really a cross body clutch and I simply made it a hand clutch as I wanted...

 Purse - Salvation Army

***For you gals living in Mpls it is actually from the Target Salvation Army!  For you gals not in Mpls this is a special Salvation Army in downtown Mpls where Target takes their samples and odds and ends.  Makes you want to come and visit me huh...!

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