Fly Me Away...

I am always caught in a peril when I think about what outfit I should wear when traveling.  Do I go for the whimsical, yet pulled together, cute, casual, comfy look.  Or do I feel more sophisticated this trip and I would like to dress like a first class traveler.  
Uggh, this actually all goes to crap when my flight is at 6 am, I have be there by 5 am, picked up by 430 am, so awake by 4 am at the latest.  Forget the outfit, I am lucky to get my teeth brushed, hair pulled back, and run through the list one more time to make sure I didn’t forget my undies or worse my blow dryer or curling iron!!
So what did I do when I took my little booty on a flight to Boston with one of my besties for my restie (life that would be)?  
Hi poncho, nice to meet you!  I wore this great knit black poncho with an oversized men’s white dress shirt under it and black leggings.  Last to tag along on the adventure across country were my beaten up gray Chucks, they are easy to get on and off at security.  A lady in the fashion of life never holds up a line at the airport because she can’t get her boots off to go through the metal detector.

Poncho - J.Crew
Shirt - J.Crew (men's)
Leggings - J.Crew
Shoes - Chuck Taylor

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