Fashionable Fixings...Day 2

The next gift given to highlight this Christmas in fashion was from my aunt who is alway the hostess with mostest.  It never fails that when the holidays come around she is fully prepared to dazzle us with the in trend hosting goo-gas and gadgets.  We are never with out holiday poppers (a British tradition, which none of us are British, we have never been to Britain, I don't know how this started) and lovely place settings.

This year she has begun a love affair with Anthropology, and I am not complaining.  One, because I am liking the threads she is donning these days.  Two, we got these great mugs as place cards at the Christmas dinner table.

They were filled with candies, treats and special things to spread the cheer!  Each of us got one with our initial on it, how lovely.

She is a lady in the fashion of life who knows how to warm the home and hearts of those who visit!


Megan Moore said...

That is an awesome party favor!

Linsey said...

Got that mug as a birthday present...love it!