Holidazzle Razzle...

Here in Minneapolis we have a grand holiday tradition of the Holidazzle Parade.  The parade route is downtown and runs Thanksgiving through Christmas.  When attending it is often paired with a trip to Macy's in hopes to be stunned by the holiday window display and swept into a fantasy by the 8th floor holiday storybook display.

This is a great family activity and lends its self to........

Frozen toes because the parade is at night, crowded streets because hundreds of people come each night to see it, crowed department store halls because you must do shopping while you are there, tired kids that are cranky because they are up way past their bedtime, and grumpy dads and crabby moms because they deal with all of this.

Sounds like fun! Let's go!

However, a lady in the fashion of life takes this all in stride because she knows the memories that will be made and pictures that will last a lifetime.  Also she can wear her new faux fur vest!!!

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