Gin and Tonic...

We all have holiday happy hours coming around the corners of life and what's a girl to wear.  That is the everyday question of this blog, but everyday there is an answer!

And today is no different...

What I love in this look is that you have the classic black trouser pant and it makes any outfit conservative enough for the office.  The shine in the blouse is little more fun but the cut and the color make it work day wearable.  And remember you celebrating after work so you want to have something a little jazzy on.

After 5 o'clock add the faux fur collar and you are ready to walk over to Brit's, The Local, or any cocktail joint. 

 A lady in the fashion of life knows how to go from day to night!

Fur Collar - Loft
Blouse - Loft
Pant - Loft

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MAG said...

Love this idea for a work holiday party! Conservative yet fun and stylish!