New Year, New You, New Blog...#1

As I have been absent from the blog posting this past week, my time has been spent thinking about how you, me and the blog can make the best of our fashionable lives in this new year!  This week tune in for what I think should be the top fashionable resolutions we all can make for 2012.

So here's number 1...

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired just do something,  anything, it doesn't matter what, just make some change.  I lived this out last week when I was over the blog looking so bland!  I just couldn't take it anymore so I committed to making a change, even if it's not one that I am going to keep.

A way to boost the action is to enlist a partner in crime.  I did this with my friend Ben.  He is a fellow blogger, here it is...Two Birds One Scone.  I asked him to log in and putz around with some design ideas and let me know what he thinks.  We put on the calender last week to meet for 1 hour to see what we could come up with.  And what you are enjoying is the result!  Now, don't get me wrong there are still some things I want to add, subtract, or change but at least I made a start.  All it took was one phone call and 1 hour.  Really, I think you have the time for that.

So if you can't stand your hair anymore, schedule a cut.  If you are sick of wearing clothes with no color, just by one red scarf to start.  If you are fed up with not accessorizing, go by one necklace.  If you are done wearing frumpy clothes go buy a pair of straight fitting jeans or fitted blouse.  It doesn't matter if you are going to like it in 2 months or even 2 days.  It's all about starting somewhere and figuring out where you are going to go.  What you do like, don't like, or don't care about gets revealed on the journey.

You might continue to see the blog change, who knows!  Who cares!  Let's just start figuring our selves out.

A lady in the fashion of life is intentional and makes a change!


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