Resolution Road...#2

This one is quick but not easy.  Many clients come in complaining that they are dressing to drab, or that they want a "fun" outfit.  Maybe something to go out to dinner in.  Great, I love to help.  So I begin showing them cute silk blouses, maybe a lace top, or blazer of sorts....

"Dry clean only!  I can't take care of that!  I need something machine washable!"  (And imagine it being said in a whinny high pitch voice)

Ladies Ladies Ladies, get with it.  If you want something special and fun and new and different it is going to have to be taken care of differently!  Put your big girl pants on and buy something grown up, it might me be dry clean only...

Now let me provide some comfort here.  Let's think about this.  Dry clean garments typical aren't worn every week, or even every month.  So, the need to clean from wear isn't going to happen often.  Next, they are silk or wool most often.  They don't retain odor, really you are only going to have to spot clean them.  And remember you are a big girl and probably won't spill on it much.  Lastly, most of my dry clean items I can get away with washing them in the delicate cycle, and if you have a front load washer this is even more possible.

So this resolution, you are grown up, you can take of grown up clothes.

A lady in the fashion life doesn't let a little work stop her trend!

Love the dress...dry clean

Love the top...dry clean

Love the blouse...dry clean

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