Hitting the mark with a hat!

I don't even know what to say about this.  Over the past few weeks I have fallen head over heals for Ginger Knots, maker of these hand made hats and scarfs.  Everything I have tried and touched has won me over!  And I am not the only one.  Just last night I got a phone call from my mother frantically trying to order some hot items from the Ginger Knots Etsy page.  (I had to send her a step by step tutorial on how to shop on Etsy, lol.  But seriously, if you would like the screen shot step by step just let me know.  I'll email it you!)  And she's not the only one...  I visited a beloved client this week for a Style Consultation and she was telling me how the Ginger Knots infinity is going on her Christmas wish list :)  With the Fashion Fix 15% discount, how could you not want to get your hand on one of these fantastic pieces.

Ginger Knots is a Friends of Fashion Fix Holiday Shopping Destination this year.  What that means is when you enter the code FASHIONFIX15 at check out, you get 15% off your total purchase!  My favorites are the Peruvian Wool Infinity Scarf/Cowl & Wool Striped Infinity Scarf.  But Ginger Knots does hats too....



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