How to rock denim on denim!

Hot trend alert here, hot trend alert!!  Ladies you have probably seen by now that the Canadian tuxedo is back and it's hot.  Which I hate calling it that, because there are some very savvy fashion bloggers in the land north of us, {Ashton Wears Things}.  I hate to insinuate that in Canada there is a lack of fashion sense.  Trust me there is a lack of fashion sense everywhere!  Anyways, how to wear the denim on denim trend is one of the top asked questions I receive from clients and readers.  What's difficult about executing a look like this is that the margin for error is huge.  There are many factors that go into pulling off this look.  So I thought I would narrow it down to a few essential tips.  A fashion lesson in true Fashion Fix style!

1. Color and shades.  What you don't want to pair is two pieces of denim that are the same shade of blue, or even close to it.  You want to be sure that there is a major contrast between the two articles of denim clothing you are wearing.  My favorite combination is light on top, dark on bottom.

2. Fabrication and texture.  This is another area where you are going to want to find good contrast between your two pieces.  Imaging a sturdy pair of jeans worn with the same color and sturdiness in a jacket... Now that that's a denim tuxedo!  My favorite combination is a light weight denim button up with a pair of heavy denim.

3. Accessories and layering in neutrals.  Black and shades of brown/tan are my favorite to add in to this look.  These 3rd pieces will help break up all the blue and add dimension to the denim.  You want to look intentional and styled when you wear an outfit like this, so layers and accessories are a must!!!

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