The scarf you do KNOT want to miss!

Okay, seriously!  After seeing these pictures, if you're not obsessing over Ginger Knots you're crazy!  I got introduced to Maggie, the lovely lady behind thess beautifully hand made scarfs, a few month backs.  Right away I knew she needed to be introduced to the Fashion Fix ladies.  Maggie knits a variety scarfs and hats that have the most perfect 'pinterest' style.  You know what I'm talking about.  When you are gushing over cute girls in cozy scarf on Pinterest and you're thinking, "Where do I get one of those?"  Well this is where, Ginger Knots.  The scarfs are plush, soft, stylish, and unique.  Best part is, they are handmade right here in the good 'ol state of MN.  Second best thing, all month long you get 15% off when you use code fashionfix15.  These are a great gift to give and receive.  And a what a better gift to give to a local artisan this holiday than to support her business.  It's a win win for everyone :)

Pictured : Peruvian Wool Cowl (available in other colors)


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