Easy essentials you can shop at thrift!

I all that Christmas cash already burning a hole in your pocket?  The bonuses from work, the $10 our cute grandma sends, gift certificates from husbands who don't know what else to get, etc etc etc.  We spend a huge amount of time and emotional energy shopping for others the entire month of December, stressing out over ever gift giving detail.  Then on 12/26 it's time for you ring in the cheer for your self.  Before you go and blow your whole wad at the mall, finding your self overspending and under buying, let me give you a few tips on how to stretch that dollar.

I sped a lot of time shopping, (that's the understatement of the century)!  When working with a budget I take my clients to the Goodwill.  You can see all the past Goodwill style shopped {here} & {here}.  Here are 3 quick and easy buys you can shop and style when buying thrift and not breaking the bank!

1. Jackets and blazers.  These are great finds when rummaging racks at the thrift store.  Most women get frustrated when trying to style a blazer or jacket.  They feel boxy and/or masculine when they wear them.  So they end up in the donation pile, ripe for the picking when you show up to the Goodwill!

2. Cardigans.  I don't know what it is but women love to get rid of these, HUGE mistake.  A lot of the time women think they have to have a specific "outfit" for each of their cardigans, wrong!  So again they mistakenly end up being donated by the bag full.  Cardigans are layers meant to be mixed and matched with multiple pieces.

3. Scarfs.  These are accessories that are fun to swap out every so often.  Grabbing new colors, finding unique prints, and then donating the old ones.  So don't break the bank on this piece.  Scarfs are great staples to buy on budget so you don't feel bad when you get board with them!



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