Everything You Should Be Wearing This Fall

Do you go into panic mode every time you hear about or read "What's in trend this season..."  Running through your closet inventory, having anxiety over the pieces you don't own.  And then you already feel defeated not knowing where to go shopping for all of these 'in-trend' things!  Well let's all take a breath, get grounded, and get back to reality!

Keeping up with all the fashion and style news is exhausting, I get it.  Even as a professional I find it difficult to keep up, and end up going back to basics most of the time anyways.  But what you might not realize is that you probably already own most of the 'must haves', it's just changing the way you wear them that keeps them current and up to date!

All styles provided by Wish Boutique.

1. Layer, layer, layer!  Layers are always in trend, the more the better in some cases :)  I'm sure you have a black tee and cotton cardigan, right?  Just layer them up and add a splash of jewelry and you're instantly styled!

2.  Put a scarf on it!  Seriously, this accessory has transcended from being a trend to being a staple in every woman's wardrobe.  Layering a scarf with almost anything you own will give you a 'pinteresty' outfit helping you to feel cute and current!

3.  Texture can be tasteful.  Great jewelry or little leather is a great contrast to cotton.  A long metal necklace really pops against a smooth knit.  And get yourself in some leather!  Leather mixed with wool, cotton, or denim gives great contrast to any outfit.  This will help you feel styled and 'trendy'. 

Still confused, don't fret!  Join me November 11th at Wish Boutique.  I'll be providing personal styling, teaching you how to maximize your accessories, and more!  Lite bites and give-aways will also be there for you to enjoy :)

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