Wearing Neutrals, Without Being Boring

Okay, okay...  You got me!  I love to wear black, and every other neutral there is :)  And if your are a client of mine reading this article you are probably laughing.  My catch phrase is "...get of black and get comfortable with navy."  But I must admit, the allure of black in the winter is very seductive.  So here's the deal; If you are seduced by the neutral, at least add some personality!  Recently I took my client shopping to the Goodwill to help her with this challenge.  Take a look and see how we put back the pizazz in her style.

1. You know me, I love a good red accessory.  Add this to any basic black outfit you will instantly feel 'Pinteresty'.

2. Go for gray.  It lightens a look and helps you feel a little more upbeat in the winter when the sun sets at like noon, lol!

3. Get some good scarfs in bright colors.  This is an easy add to any comfy winter outfit that doesn't leave you feeling frumpy.

4. Still wear floral.  Don't store this pattern away with the rest of your summer gear.  Floral against a dark layer will brighten your style and still be seasonally appropriate.

5. Look for neutrals in pattern.  I know this top is a little dizzy in picture, but its style is sharp in real life.  If you are wearing a lot of black break up the all the solid with a black and white pattern on your garments.

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