Glitz & Glamor Holiday Style

I get so excited to about styling and putting together holiday looks!  It is the best time of the year to pull out some glitzy and glamorous pieces.  A little fur and sparkle always goes well with snow :)  Plus we are always looking for ways to be dressed up during the holidays, but not overdressed!  I've got 2 great things here for ya ladies.  First, the faux fur vest.  You've seen me wear it before, and I can't get enough of it.  This garment is functional and fashionable when it's 10 degrees outside (as it was when I did this photo shoot, lol.)

Second, you need a little blingy blingy this holiday.  Remember all those 'right hand diamond' commercials.   A little cheesy, but there a good point there.  I don't always want to wear a big piece of statement jewelry, but I still want my jewelry to make a statement!  So I got this perfectly subtle 'right hand ring' for such a style!  Anjolee jewelry has the best selection of sparkle because you can customize pieces to be exactly what you want to fit your style.  If rings aren't what your looking for I drool over their Riviera Necklace.

Can we have a moment for the box my ring came it.  I literately gasp when I opened it and the ring had its very own little spot light to help it shine and sparkle when I saw it for the first time.

Follow the link to the Anjolee website and you can start making your wish list ;)

Disclaimer : All opinions and styling are originals of Fashion Fix LLC.  Product for review was provided by Anjolee Jewelry complimentary. 

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QandE said...

Love this entire look! So perfect for the holiday season!!