How red shoes can change your styled life!

The most famous pair of red shoes are of course Dorothy's sequined gems.  Those shoes carried her through the most memorable adventure of her life, and eventually brought her home safe and sound!  Those red shoes changed her life, and at times gave her the confidence she needed to keep her on her journey.  We all need shoes like that sometimes!

Red shoes are life changing, and they don't have to be sequined and from a dead witch.  However, they can be hand-me-downs :)  Check out the pair I found at the Goodwill while shopping with my client!  These shoes went with every single outfit we shopped and styled her in, it was amazing!  And, they took every look from good to great!  Don't dismiss the power of great pair of red shoes ladies.  They can be style life changing, and give you the boost you need to stay the journey day to day!

Ok, ok, I know is not red shoes.  But a red belt can make magic happen too.

Imagine the red shoes here :)

You're amazed I know!  Not only does she looks great with this little accessory, but all these outfits were put together at a the Goodwill.  A thrift store!  

If you want to shop thrift with Fashion Fix, well you can.  Visit the website for details!


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