Mall of America Mania :: Part 3

Did you think I was done?!?!  Well of course I'm not, I'm just behind on schedule.  ROTFL!  If you've been keeping up this extremely drawn out series of posts you know that last week and this week I can not keep with anything!  Between teaching the Styled Right Workshop, going to fashion shows, and doing photo shoots this month I can't keep my head on straight!  I love fall fashion, but boy does it keep a stylist busy :)

So here she is, client Karin in all her beauty, featured in the last post of this Mall of America series.  If you missed it, I showcased this mom of 2 last week {here} & {here}.  You got to see great looks from Loft, Old Navy, and Cotton On.  Last but not least Karin I stopped into H&M and were greatly surprised with everything we found here for her. 

I know, I know, you are dying right!  She is so cute and these outfits are fantastic.  I did my thing, but really Karin's confidence radiates through her and she makes anything look good.  So a few things:

1.  If you want to learn how to get that style confidence then you need to take the Styled Right Workshop by Fashion Fix.  Dates, times, locations, and registration links are {here}.

2..  If you want to get styled on an amazing shopping trip like this, visit the Fashion Fix website and learn more about becoming a client.

Until then, be a gal pal and share what you see.  If you know someone who love style then share this post with them on facebook, twitter, or google + . 

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