Put On Some Lipstick and Play!

I know that the right pair of shoes can change a woman's life.  I've seen it happen, hello... Cinderella!  But I've gotta say, it doesn't stop there.  So many times I have wanted paint the town red with a pair of lips to match!  Playing with color when it comes to your eyes and lips can be really really fund, and scary.  I know you, you've grabbed the blue eyeliner or magenta lipstick time and time again only to put it back thinking to your self, "I can't wear that!"  Not true my friend, not true

Mary Kay has made it so easy for you to wear bold colors and create bold looks with their Mary Kay at Play collection.  Everything fun, everything fashionable, and everything is affordable!  So maybe you buy that blue eyeliner or magenta lipstick and only wear it once or twice, but guess what it was only $10!

So you want that dang blue eyeliner and magenta lipstick now right!?!  We'll come and get it!  The Beauty Bar Party is happening on September 9th!  You'll learn what the hottest fall fashion trends are, see how to maximize your wardrobe for the season, try new fall color cosmetic looks, find your perfect foundation shade, giveaways, samples, discount shopping, & more!

2500 W. Cty Rd 42, #115G
Burnsville 55337

September 9th @ 6:30 pm

More details {here}.

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