You are probably thinking when I say the word addicted I am talking about my boots.  I do wear them in a blog post about once a week and in real life about every other day.  So I guess I am slightly addicted to these gems, which you can be too!  The shopping link today list them at only $29.99, it would sinful not to get them for your wardrobe...

What I am talking about though is my addiction to Diet Coke!  I think it would safe to say that about 90% percent of women can relate to this.  Diet Coke is ruling the female race as we know it.  I only buy my drug when it's on sale but then when I don't have any in the house you can find at the nearest McDonald's drive-thru getting it off the dollar menu.  Because for real, they have the best fountain DC!

That would be my situation right now, I have none in the house.  Busy as usual yesterday putting together marketing materials for Fashion Fix, taking picture for the blog, and catching up on what is going on at the malls around here.  I found it to be 3pm and needed to get to my nanny gig realizing no DC yet... No McDonald's on the way and couldn't be late to gymnastics!  Then a light shinned in the lobby, they are selling cans of DC for 75 cents...and they are sold out!  It's okay though my next stop would have a vending machine...that is broken!  Wait I'll survive...my next stop would have a vending machine...working!  I load my quarters, the bottle drops, I crack it open for a sip and....yuck!  I had expired in January of this year.

At least I had this cute outfit on yesterday!

Turtleneck - J.Crew buy Here
Skirt - Loft similar Here
Belt - Heartbreaker similar Here
Boots - Mia buy Here
Purse - J.Crew buy Here

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Megan Moore said...

I was totally going to buy the boots! But they are out of stock now. I put my name on the list to be updated when they are available again. Thanks for the tip!!

Lindaisy said...

Thank Megan for the update. I am glad they are at least taking a waiting list!