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Fall is my favorite season!  As the weather turns crisp and the leaves begin to change, I am more than ready to start sipping on pumpkin lattes, seeking out the best butternut squash soup recipes, and of course, slipping into my latest pair of boots. There is nothing quite like a good pair of those leather goodies!

More than any other foot covering, the boot seems so multi-functional and timeless.  This of course making it easy to justify purchasing them at any cost. That being said, it is rare that I will have an extra $200 to spring on the perfect pair, mostly because I like to have one practical pair in multiple colors and a couple of fun pairs for dressing up.  I don't have the money in my wallet or the room in my closet for all of those...  

Thankfully, there’s the internet!  

A couple of years ago, when the exposed zipper became a “thing,” I went scouring the internet to find a specific pair of boots that had gone flying off the shelf at Hot Mama.  Though it took me some time, I finally stumbled across these beauties at gojane.com.  While I wasn’t initially sold on the color they have been totally versatile and remain my “go-to” pair of boots to wear with any outfit.  Just your luck, Gojane still sells these exact boots along with lots of other cute options similarly priced at around $40.  

Gojane isn’t the only one riding the affordable boot train. Another great site with tons of options is urbananog.com.  Currently, if you spend over $60 on Gojane or $50 on urbanog.com you qualify for free shipping!  One more tip: always Google the website name and “coupon code.”  Often times an online store won’t openly advertise a promotion but will have something usable floating around in cyberspace.  Happy shopping!

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The boots I love and have...

Boots - Go Jane buy Here
The boots I love and want...

Moccasins Boots - Go Jane buy Here

Fringe Boots - urbanog buy Here

Studded Boots - urbanog buy Here

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