I have been trying to stay on a predictable blogging schedule, Monday-Wednesday-Friday.  I missed my post this week on Wednesday because we had an interesting situation when I arose from my slumber on Tuesday.  I COULDN'T MOVE!!!!  I was completely immobilized.  I couldn't sit up, turn over, lift my legs, nothing with out feeling like there wasn't a knife in my lower back turning and pushing in deeper.  I had to call my man friend to come and help me out of bed, (which took a half an hour) and help me to the bathroom!  

Thankfully my man friend is a complete HERO, and he Googled the crap out of lower back spasm, you tubed video on how to relieve knots, and put me on a regimen of ice/heat/walking/back rubs.  It was pretty funny as I was walking with a homemade cane and couldn't sit down with out help.   I cried, laughed and had some extreme vulnerability with man friend.

All of this to be told so I could still share with you my favorite fashionable lounging around on sick day clothes!

 Seriously, how do you not want cuddle up with your self in this cardi!

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These leggings rule my life.  I do laundry around making sure I always have 2 pairs of these clean!  I just bought another pair because I finally wore through one pair after 2 years.

J.Crew buy Here

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Anna Smith said...

Leggings are great, work flawlessly for years, keep you comfortable and at ease, if paired nicely they look great with any kind of top and boots.