Get It Going...!

This week I have started to feel the pressure.  Since I left my job about a month ago and started my own business (Fashion Fix LLC) I have been on a high.  All day and all night my mind has been racing with ideas of making this venture happen.  The wheels are constantly spinning and I am finding my self not able to fall asleep at night, talk to much business to my man friend, fill my days with busy work (for no pay right now), and spend countless hours at the computer doing research.  For the first couple weeks this was exhilarating!!!!!!  I felt like I was making it happen and pursuing my dreams.  Then, splat!

My personal life has begun to look like to pictures I have included below.

My exploded closet all over my bedroom...

(Confession, there are 3 bins of clothes in my car waiting to come in from the laundromat.)

 My bin of unread books...
 My pile of unused workout shoes...

I don't often do this with the general public but I felt this level of vulnerability is needed, mostly for my sake. 

Really...I am a closet organizer extraordinaire.  People pay me to manage their wardrobe and this is how mine looks.  Really...I at one time organized and hosted book clubs.  Now I can't find time to read past one chapter of a book.  Really...I have run multiple marathons and have a gym membership.  At the moment my ailing back won't let me do much.  Well enough is enough, I need to get to reality and realize my limits.  I am starting a new business, and life will not look like how it has before.  I need to come to terms with that and find grace for my self in these times.  I am sure a lot of you can relate.   So here is what I am going to do, stop having to be 100% or perfect at it all.

1. I am going to spend at least some time everyday putting my closet back together.
2. I am joining a book club that I don't have to be in charge of.
3. I am making a standing walking date with a girlfriend each week.

I am sharing all this with the understanding that "it takes a village".  I need accountability.  I am also sharing because one you is feeling like you are in the same boat for whatever reason and I hope you can find comfort in knowing I am there with you!

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