Get Hung Up...

Each week as I work with clients I learn something new that ladies these days are struggling with.  Obstacles with either how to wear their wardrobe or keep it looking clean and organized.  I get excited to see what common thread pulls us all together.  Someday I think I would like to have a meet and greet with my clients so that they can see they are not alone in how Fashion Fix (link here) helps them out.  But that is what we do as women right...  We think that everyone else has it together and we don't, false!  If you don't believe it check out Wednesday's blog (link here), I don't have it together.

What we need to do is  help each other with a little accountability and great ideas!  So here's mine for the weekend.  A small easy project that will change the way your closet looks and help you feel more organized.

Change your hangers!  We try to find all the new fancy ways to make things look more put together and overlook the easy ones.  Whatever style you want to use that's fine, just make it a 100%.  I am a fan of the white plastic hangers from Target (buy here).  They're inexpensive and like plating a fine dinner your clothes will stand out on the white background.  This will cost you less than $50, take an hour of your day, and reward with accomplishment.  



To see more closet make overs that Fashion Fix has done click here.

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