CAUTION: May be offended if you are a fashion don't!

Some of you know I spent last week in Vegas with the parents.  My dad's parents retired there years ago and we went to visit my grandmother.  It may sound like a drag but my dad knows his way around town and my mom is a shopping diva, so we had fun.  I also learned how the play the Craps table, I may have found my new obsession...

As expected my little eye spied a lot of interesting members of the human race who made interesting fashion choices for their Vegas celebration.  Most seen was the infamous bachelorette party.  I just died every time I saw some poor girl who dressed as if had no self respect and daddy issues that haven't been resolved (yup, I said it).  There is no need to look like a pound of sausage stuffed into 1/2 pound casing.  Please Please Please stop dressing like an extra in Showgirls.  Pull it together and use the above images as a guide line.

Why these looks work...
1. Get to show off legs.
2. A-line skirt give flirty playful look.
3. Sparkles should be on the clothes, not your skin.
4. Bust line and shoulders are highlighted.
5. Belted or empire waist give you a sexy figure that is flattering.


A. Wear said...

Any suggestions for what the bachelorette party guests should wear?

Grace Kendrick said...

Great inspiration for my blog! Thankyou!
Grace X

Lindaisy said...

My suggestion for guest is to follow the same formula but add color. Do a great purple or emerald green dress and you will be just as stunning!