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Last week I taught my first open class in Prescott, WI.  I have to say, it was my happy place!  Getting a group of women together to connect, engage, and empower each other is an amazing feeling.  We talked about closet organization, productive shopping, and how to style.  Everybody came excited and ready to ask questions, which is exactly what I wanted!  

Fashion Fix's mission is to empower women with education and resource.  Anytime I am with a single client or a large group it is my goal to create a safe and non-threatening environment for women to ask questions.   To write about all the topics brought up that night, I 'd have to publish a book (hmm... an idea?)  Instead let's discuss a question one woman asked that is relevant to now. 

What do you pack away & what do you keep seasonally?

This was a great inquiry because whether you are living in a small one bedroom with a tiny closet, or sharing your closet with a significant other it can get cramped.  Rotating seasonal pieces can help keep your wardrobe organized and productive.  But what do you swap?

Think about fabrication.  You don't have a pack away all your light colored or cotton pants for the Fall and Winter.  Just stow your linen pants.  The piece on the left would be great with navy blazer and pair oxfords or some ankle booties!

Knit dresses are another great garment that can transition well into the cooler months.  The color-blocked dress on the left was a summer buy.  Pair it with some tights and boots, and I see it looking great in October!  But, your light floral printed dresses could probably go into the storage unit for the Winter.

Here is another great example of fabrication, plus color.  I love green, especially if you are a blonde; it looks great on you!  Layering all year round can really style up an outfit.  So keep your cardigans around for all seasons.  But pack away any light weight or linen layers.  You can still wear a knit cotton sweater in the Fall and Winter :)

Maxi dresses and skirts are hot, hot, hot!  People can not get enough of them, so how can you wear this trend in more than just Summer and Spring?  It's all about neckline and layers.  Maxi dresses that are strapless or tank style, keep.  One's that have a halter, pack.  Then pair it with a great jacket or cardigan and your are ready for Fall!

Layering pieces are needed ALL THE TIME!  Sleeveless shells and tanks are essentials for every season.  But there are limits to which ones you should be wearing when.  I love floral prints, they stand out beautifully under cardigans and blazers.  However, the print on the right has a little too much of a Hawaiian inspiration for Fall and Winter.  But the tank on the left would be perfect with a navy blazer, skinny jeans and tall riding boots.  Pack one, keep the other!

This and so much more is talked about at workshops and classes that Fashion Fix leads.  To keep updated on when the next class is and where it is link up to the Fashion Fix facebook page!  I can tell you right now that this Saturday, 9/28 I will be at Second Debut in St Louis Park leading a FREE workshop.  Link up {here} to see details.

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