Style Catalog, Packing Day 2

Getting packed and ready for a trip can either be a headache or... well... just plan stressful!  Ah-ha, not anymore.  After reading your way through this 5 part series on packing smart and stylish you will be ready to hit the road to just about anywhere.  If you need to catch up, link up {here} to read what we did on day 1.  You'll learn the first 3 easy steps, and see the first 8 outfits we put together.

But to recap just a little: 1. Determine what the essentials are.  2. Pick out which pieces will fulfill those essentials.  3. Style!

Today I am add step 4 in creating your very own style catalog:

4: Writing it all down.  Luckily this client enlisted Fashion Fix to assist, so not only did it all get written down for her, but it all got photographed and emailed back to her in a PDF!

So, packing list from day 1:
Yellow Tee, turquois cardi, stone capris, striped blazer, pink capris, navy cardi, white shorts, red flats, Striped Tee, denim jacket

*Note, there was only one additional item added to the list after the striped tee.  We styled the striped tee with all the same pieces from the yellow tee!  8 outfits and only 10 items packed so far!!!!  You could fit that in a backpack and have a week's worth of looks.  To see those pics link up {here}.

Day 2

Packing list day 2:
Silk Tee, white pants, black skirt, gold belt, Knit Dress, purple cardi, white cardi, gold sandals

*Added 8 more pieces to the suitcase, total pieces packed is 18, total outfits made is 16!

There were plenty more outfits we made using the essentials.  Link up tomorrow for 8 more looks made with 2 different pieces.  While you are waiting, you can check out other style catalogs Fashion Fix has put together.  Link up to the following posts: Style Catalog...Silky, Style Catalog...Blazen, Bling Around the Collar, Dress in Denim, Banker, I'm a Tease.  You can see another Style Catalog that was posted on the website {here}.

Following along with this week's series is easy, you can sign up to follow by email or follow Fashion Fix on facebook.  Then all the steps to packing will be dropped right into your inbox or news feed, you'll be sure to be styled right for your next trip!

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