Style Catalog, Packing Day 1

A couple of weeks ago I put together a very useful and unique style catalog for a client.  She used it as a guide for packing!  She was gearing up to take a flight to the Mediterranean and then set sail on a cruise for a week.  She wanted to pack smart, practical, and stylish.  In came Fashion Fix!  Here was our process...

1. What are the essentials?  We determined that at least 1 pair of shorts, 2 capris, 2 dresses, 4 tops, 4 over layers, 1 pair pants, 1 skirt, and accessories were needed.  At this point we had no specific outfits in mind, just basics.

2. Next we looked through our options and chose what we were going to work with.  A yellow tee, striped tee, silk top, neon tank, denim jacket, printed dress, black skirt, etc.  You get the point, we picked out the actual items that we determined were essentials.

3. Then the fun part, we styled.  We took all the essentials and started mixing and matching them to create multiple outfits.  What we were doing is creating a catalog of looks so that all she had to to was pack her list of about 20 pieces and have 30 plus outfits.  These looks ranged from casual to comfy to dressy!  There was no look left behind :)

Here is a look at 2 of the essential pieces we picked; and 8 outfits were created!

There were plenty more outfits we made using the essentials.  Link up tomorrow for 8 more looks made with 2 different pieces.  While you are waiting, you can check out other style catalogs Fashion Fix has put together.  Link up to the following posts: Style Catalog...Silky, Style Catalog...Blazen, Bling Around the Collar, Dress in Denim, Banker, I'm a Tease.  You can see another Style Catalog that was posted on the website {here}.

Following along with this week's series is easy, you can sign up to follow by email or follow Fashion Fix on facebook.  Then all the steps to packing will be dropped right into your inbox or news feed, you'll be sure to be styled right for your next trip!

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