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Sometimes the best accessory is one that has the simplest of style.  In come the glasses, for me I think aside from a statement necklace they are the ultimate accessory.  If you missed yesterday's post, link up {here} and you can see prime pics of my self and some of your fav celebs sporting the spectacles!

And... Since I am a lover of eyewear, and all things fabulous, I got asked to preview and select my top picks from Warby Parker's Fall 2013 collection.  And... If you know me, and my passion for fashion with a mission, I do not partner with just any organization or business!  Fashion Fix makes it a mission to do work and work with others who empower people and build character.  Warby Parker does just that and more!

For every pair of eyewear you purchase another pair if given to someone in need.  Before you go any further in this post you have to link up {here} and read stories of how this company has transformed the lives of many.

Ok, now dry your eyes from all you have just read about this company and what they do.  After that, take a look at what I think are the best pieces from the collection, shop, and help change lives with a purchase!

Ames in Graphite Fog & Whiskey Tortoise (Seriously, Whiskey Tortoise is a killer name!)

Duckworth in Oak Barrel  (I want these because they are cool and called Duckworth.)

Holcomb in Marbled Sandstone & Oak Barrel  (I feel kindred to these, my first house I lived in was on a street named Holcomb....)

Ripley in Oak Barrel & Whiskey Tortoise 

 Rowan in Graphite Fog & Whiskey Tortoise

 Wilkie in Greystone

Zagg in Striped Sassafras (This pick is a shout out to Erin, who's family has dog named Sassafras!)

Thank you to Warby Parker for inviting Fashion Fix to be a part of what you do!

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Erin Sikkink said...

Sassafras! Love that. Seems like a great company.